Custom Built Metal Fabrication


We are specialist in Design, development and manufacturing Heavy Structures, Heavy Fabricated Machining Components, Pump Housings, Chemical Equipment Fabrications, Ducting Fabrication, Chimney Fabrication, Scrubber Housing Fabrication, Column Fabrication, Skid Fabrication, Piping Assembly, Negative Pressure Equipments, Methanol Tank Fabrication.

These component are manufacture in SS ( Stainless Steel ), CS ( Carbon steel ) and Alloy Steel

Specialists in Round, Rectangular, sheet metal, Elliptical, Dimpeted, extruded, Machining Assemblies, Structural assly, flow control skid, highly corrosive Equipment, Rotating part assly, Conical assembly, Belt conveyor assemblies, Slat Conveyor Assly,Combution assly, Mixing assly,Air handling unit assemblis, Housing assly, Concentric or Eccentric Cone Assemblies, Process Column Fabrication, Horizontal Storage Tank, Vertical storage tank, Damper assemblies, Spiral equipment Fabrication etc.
- As a Engineering we strictly follow all world class engineering manufacturing practices and guidelines for each type of metal fabrication such joining processes, Material   Inspection, Finishing Processes, Cleaning processes, Painting Processes, Machining Process, assemblies, balancing etc.
- We are expert in manufacturing food, pharmaceutical, chemical Industry, aeronautical, Ship Building, Cosmetics in SS304, SS316L, SS310, SS309, Duplex Steel,    Inconel, Hastalloy, copper, Titanium and Aluminum Fabrication.
- We fabricate each equipment as per their specific requirement for food and pharmaceutical, we take care sector hygienic,aesthetics, Assemblies we cross verify all alignments.
- For chemical sector equipment we take care heat affected zone, joint efficiency, IGC, Pressure test, Cleaning and passivation, dimensions as per customer requirement.
We are experienced team, they do every fabrication equipment with excellent welding quality, excellent workmanship, Excellent Finishing, Excellet warpage control for low thickness part, excellent accuracy, Excellent painting and acid cleaning.

We have been manufactured following various equipments 

• Hot and Cold storage Silos
• Vessel Fabrication
• Piping Fabrication
• Heat Exchanger
• Chemical Reactor fabrication
• Inconel Fabrication
• Aluminum Fabrication
• Scrubber housing Fabrication
• Stainless steel Ducting work
• Skid Fabrication
We have capability of manufacturing  Vessels – UP to 5 meter diameter, Length up to 30 meter, thickness -30 mm
Custom Built Metal Fabrication
Custom Built Metal Fabrication
Pump Piping Heat Exchanger Torque HSG U-Torn Bend
Scrubber HSG Furnace Report Piping Structure