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Mixtures And Blenders

We Manufacture and supply two cone and Ribbon Mixers (Blender) to food, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry as per customer requirement. Our blenders are highly efficient, durable and maintenance free. Blenders blade design and manufacturing is very accurate hence give efficiency up to 97 % . These blenders are used to mix solid-solid and solid –liquid homogeneous mixture. We can manufacture from 300 liters to 10000 liters capacity Blenders.

Features :
- Rigid and maintenance free
- Highly efficiency for mixing
- Automatic and semiautomatic
- With load cell for accurate combination


Considering industrial solid – solid, solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing requirement of Process industry we have been developed various equipment which can give efficient mixing with shortest time.
We have Ribbon Blender, Two cone blender, Hexgonal Blender and agitator tank

Each Mixture has a special
Ribbon blender has blade which are designed on basis of mixture density they have efficient capcity to mix mixture.
Our Ribbon Blender has been used in Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Bio industry, Construction Industry, Leather Industry, Plastic Insutry, Paint Industry etc.

- They are available from 300 ltrs to 7500 ltrs
- Ribbon are very efficient for mixing and blade design depends on material density
- Ribbon as been very power efficient and Smooth

Mixtures And Blenders
Ribbon Blender
  Ribbon Blender