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We Manufacture and supply various types of reactors in stainless steel and carbon steel ,they are durable and cost effective .These are available with agitator of anchor type, Propeller type, Paddle Type, Disc type .Every agitator has different RPM depends on product and process. All Lantrel, bearing as sly, push arrangements are manufactured highly quality as per requirements. Our stainless steel reactors are non corrosive and temperature resistant.

We are specialist in mechanical design and manufacturing all types of reactor used in chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industry.
We are specialist in limpeted, jacketed, dimpled reactors with temperature up to 200 dgree centigrade and pressure up to 32 KG/CM2.
Our reactor has high performance blade with unique design for each mixing, emaulsion application
We provide Anchor Type, Paddle type, Blade type, Circular disc type agitator along with each reator.
Metasis reactor are manufactured considering all ASME quid lines and standerd engineering guidliness.
All reactor has been tested for material, Hydro Test, Alignment, Dry run trial, Full Load trial, Vents, Assly Balancing.

We manufacture
- Reactor with Heating and cooling System
- High pressure and High Heat reactors
- Limpeted Reactor,
- Dimple Reactor
- Reactor With bottom entry agitator
- Jacketed reactor
- Heating and instant cooling reactor
- SS Cladded Reactor
- Double mechanical seal Reactors
- Reaction Kettles
We can manufacture from 0.5 KL to 50 KL Capacity reactor in any pattern.

Reactor Reactor