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Rotary Valves

We manufacturer and supply Rotary Valve Blow through and drop through as per customer requirements. These valves are manufacture in Carbon steel,
stainless steel SS304, SS316 and SS410. We Manufacturer these valve in sizes 0, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 900, 1000 mm diameters

How our Rotary Valves are different from others

- As our valves are fabricated as per good engineering practice most of market valves are casted, hence life of our valves is better than market valves.
- No chances of blow holes hence resistance to corrosion in corrosive environment.
- Good appearance inside and outside due to even surface finish compare to casted one.


- Blow holes free
- Uniform surface finish inside and outside
- Cost effective
- Reliable with better life compare o casted Rotary Valves.



Metasis Rotary valve are blow through and Drop trough manufacture as per engineering manufacturing standards.
Function of rotary valve is to maintain continuous flow in closed system with maintain airlocks in systems.
Rotary valves are used for powder, grain, pellets .Below Cyclones, Dust collector, Storage Systems, in Powder conveying system. Our rotary valves are highly precision machined with maintained concentricity and assembled such a way that, they have very smooth in operation, robust, reliable. Blow through valve is used in powder conveying system and drop trough are used below cyclones, dust collector, silos etc.

• Cement Industry 
• Powder Industry
• Plastic Industry
• Biomass Industry
• Steel Industry
• Pharmaceutical Powder Industry
• Food Industry
• Cosmetic Industry
• Coal Industry (Coal Feeders)
• Coefee 
• Ash Industry
• Food Grain


Our each valve has his specialties as per customer Applications

• Valve can withstand differential pressure of 20 PSI –valve is specially designed.
• Valves are highly Corrosion resistance (For corrosive material) usuely they are fabricated and polised in order to get excellent corrosion resistance.
• Valves are highly abrasion resistance (for abrasive material)
• Valves are air tight 
• Valve are highly durables
• Valves can with stand Explosive 
• Valves with replicable blade rotor in order save cost.
• Valves with Spring action Blade tips 
• Quick open and clean arrangements Valves

Metasis Rotary valve silent features and capacities
• Our Rotary valve in SS304, SS316 L, SS410, SS310, SS , 09,Duplex Steel ,Carbon Steel as  per application .
• Our rotary valve from 100 mm dia to 1150 mm dia depend on flow rate.
• Flow Capacity from 100 Kg per hour to 300 tonne per hour.
• They are excellent and smooth in operation and very reliable .
• They are available in Casted material and fabricated as per application .
• Uniform surface finish in order to get excellent corrosion resistance.
• Quick open and close valves they are very reliable to maintain hygiene by cleaning rotary valve frequently.
• Valves are directly coupled inline, coupled with chain  drive,

Rotary Valve Types-Highly corrosion resistance rotary valve, highly abrasion resistance rotary valve, Low Pressure Drop rotary Valves, Rotary Feeder Rotary Valve,
Drop through Rotary Valve, Rotary valve for Cyclone, Rotary valves fro cement Plant, Rotary Valve for dust Collector, Rotary Valve for grain Silos, Rotary valve for food powder, etc.
Rotary Valves
Rotory Valve